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 Emergency roof work

Repairs to any roof should be expedited and leave no stones unturned. The Monroe Courier in Monroe, CT, has one story.

Roof work is complete at two of the three school buildings where emergency repairs were approved—and more is on the horizon.

A $175,000 project to repair the roof over the Stepney Elementary cafeteria was completed, along with $75,000 worth of work at Masuk. Both schools are slated for even more roof work, but officials said a report last year showed some portions of the roof were in such disrepair they couldn’t wait to go through the normal budget process.

Even school officials in the Columbus area can understand and relate to the problem. The city experiences cold winters during January, but the precipitation levels are normally low. However, water buildup on the roof can periodically lead to other conditions such as ice dams and compromise its integrity. When you need your house or building to stand strong even during the harshest of conditions, consider sourcing the roof repair through Columbus, Ohio contractors like Muth and Co. Roofing.

An inspection of the entire facility by a Columbus roof repair specialist will be vital in uncovering all faults, even if some are not visible at first. The Stepney Elementary School’s cafeteria has a flat roof, but officials said ponding has formed over sections of it, enough to make them act like a sponge. The roofing was eventually fixed in an emergency job, but the work did not involve replacing the roof decking because it had a plastic vapor barrier that stopped potential water damage.

The roof at Masuk High School is another matter; recent inspections noted that a full replacement was in order due to total water saturation. Initial suggestions of a reroof were ruled out because the saturation reached the subsurface. Sources hinted at the project costing around $2.7 million, leading First Selectman Steve Vavrek to lament that no major repair work has been done since a recent renovation.

(Article Information and Image from Emergency roof work done, more to come, Monroe Courier, January 12, 2014)


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