There is a lot of misinformation out there about how and why ice dams form, and what can be done to prevent them. Here are just a few myths relating to ice dams and the corresponding truths that might help you better understand ice damming.

Ice Dam Myths

Myth #1: Ice dams are easy to spot from the ground.

The Truth: While most ice dams do build up along the bottom edge of the roof (at the eaves and gutters) where they’re easy to spot, they can occur in other areas as well. Low-pitched areas such as valleys and shed gables also see ice dams form, as well as areas where there are roof penetrations like chimneys or skylights.

Myth #2: You only need to worry about ice dams if there has been heavy snowfall.

The Truth: While heavy snows can cause ice dams to form more quickly, it actually takes a very small amount of moisture for an ice dam to form. Even a light dusting of snow can cause bad things to happen, so don’t drop your guard just because there hasn’t been much snow.

Myth #3: You shouldn’t attempt to shovel snow off your roof and gutters.

The Truth: We always recommend clearing the bottom two-foot band of snow and ice around the edge of your roof, as well as clearing gutters as much as possible to allow melting snow to flow freely off the roof. Generally when snow and ice build on the roof in the overhang, this blocks any new melt from flowing off the roof, causing it to back up under upper shingles and penetrate the roof deck. Clearing as much as possible is not a perfect solution but will prevent many issues.

Myth #4: The more insulation, the better.  

The Truth: An over-insulated attic can prevent proper ventilation, and if air leaks haven’t been addressed, all the insulating benefits will be cancelled out anyway. That is why it is essential to ensure that all holes, gaps and cracks in the attic are sealed, there is a sufficient amount of insulation, and the attic has adequate ventilation.

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