A roof inspection is an integral step in the home buying process. The inspection helps alert prospective buyers to potential roofing problems, pinpoints roofing repairs that need to be made before the sale goes through, and indicates if a roof replacement is necessary. Roof replacement and many roof repairs are expensive and can take a big chunk out of a homeowner’s budget, so it’s important to know the questions to ask about the roof that will alert you of any potential problems.

5 Questions That Should Be Answered by a Roof Inspection

What Is the Age of the Roof?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, a new roofing system can last anywhere from 20-50 years. Asphalt shingles last around 20 years, and you can expect wood shake roofs to endure for about 30 years. Slate, copper, tile and metal roofs can have a life span of 50 years or more. By factoring in the type of material used and the local climate and weather conditions, which can reduce the life span of all types of roofs, your roof inspector will be able to determine how much life is left in your roof so you’ll know if the cost of a roof replacement needs to be figured into the buying price.

How Soon Will the Roof Need to Be Replaced? 

It’s not unheard of for newer roofs to have problems that would require an early replacement. Perhaps the roof wasn’t installed correctly or inferior materials were used. Whatever the reason, a roof inspection will help determine the current condition of the roof and whether or not it appears to be aging prematurely. It will also identify potential issues that could help determine if replacement or repairs will be required sooner than expected.

What Is the Composition of the Roof? 

Asphalt shingles have long been the most popular roofing material in the U.S., so this is the type of roof you’re most likely to encounter. A roof inspector will be able to determine the exact type of material used, and advise you on how to handle the repair and maintenance needs of that particular roof.

How Many Layers of Shingles Are There? 

In some areas, homeowners will lay a new roof down over an existing one so they don’t have to pay to have the old shingles ripped off. Knowing how many layers of shingles are on the roof (and if building codes in the area even allow for this) will help you make an informed decision about the projected care and maintenance costs of the roof.

Is There Any Damage Present? 

Your roof inspector should make a careful inspection of the roof, looking for evidence of holes, cracks, and curling, blistered or loose shingles. Even on a newer roof, small areas of damage may be present which could provide animals access to your attic and allow pests to infiltrate your roofing system.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Before investing in a new home, take the time to ensure that a thorough roof inspection has been performed by a certified professional. Sit down with the roofing inspector prior to closing to go over any problems encountered, and make sure they are addressed before the sale goes through. To schedule an inspection, give Muth & Company Roofing a call at (614) 682-3060. Our team of experienced roofers can advise you of your options and take care of any roof repairs that may be necessary.

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