Can You Insulate Your Attic In The Summer?

Can you insulate your attic in the summer?

Insulation and attic efficiency are hot topics every winter when the temperatures dip below zero. What people often fail to realize is that insulation doesn’t just matter in the winter; it’s also an important tool to combat summertime heat.

Insulation Matters Year-Round

Attic insulation does more than act like a blanket to keep warm air in. When temperatures spike, insulation in the walls and especially in the attic keeps hot air from pressing down into your living space. This significantly lightens the workload of your air conditioning system, which means an effective layer of insulation can save you as much in the summer as in the winter! So cut your high utility costs when you insulate your attic in the summer!

Get Professional Installation

This is a job that is best left to professional Columbus roofers for the following reasons.

Building codes for insulation vary by county

it is important to meet the minimum requirements for your location. Muth & Company complete ongoing training to stay current with the requirements for all areas we serve.

Inspection and prep work is important

For the successful installation of attic insulation, this is a must. If areas around soffits, vents, and electrical work are not addressed properly, the finished project may not be as effective.

Working in an attic poses safety hazards

For those not used to maneuvering around this space, this can be a dangerous job. Avoid causing more damage to your home by trusting the job to the pros.

Health Concerns

The tiny fibers that make up fiberglass can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and lungs, so safety precautions must be taken when working with this material.

Can you insulate your attic in the summer? Yes, you can. If you have aging or damaged insulation or you can see the attic floor joists because there are only a few inches installed, call Muth & Company Roofing at (614) 682-3060 for a complete attic inspection and recommendation for insulation. Our Columbus roofing technicians have years of experience working in attics and on rooftops, and we know how to do it safely and effectively.

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