Comfort and Energy Efficiency by Insulating Your Attic

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Comfort and Energy Efficiency by Insulating Your Attic

Properly insulating your attic will provide comfort and energy efficiency and help prevent energy loss.

By creating an air barrier within your attic space, you can help regulate heat transfer and prevent air leaks. On average, heating and cooling your home makes up 50 to 70 percent of your overall energy usage. This means that if there is air leakage, it’s going to be a major waste of energy. This could then mean higher energy costs and reduced comfort.

As we’ve learned in our science classes, air flows from warmer areas to colder ones.

During winter, heated air from inside your home naturally tries to escape to the cooler air outside. During summer, the hot air from outside tries to get to the cooled air inside of your home. Insulation works by limiting the movement of air within your home.

If you’ve been experiencing high energy costs, the reason could be the lack of sufficient attic insulation. Allow professional roofing contractors in Columbus Ohio like us at Muth & Company Roofing to help you out. We can conduct an inspection of your attic. Then we provide you with a report on the current energy efficiency of your home.

Our team will:

  • check the existing insulation and calculate for R-value (the measurement of insulation’s ability to resist heat flow).
  • inspect the intake and exhaust vents for obstructions.
  • check bathroom fans, pipes, and stacks if they’re venting properly.
  • ensure that gable vents are closed and are properly screened or closed off.
  • provide you with a complete, in detail, written report which will include any recommendations that we have.

Muth & Company Roofing recommends the use of R-60 for your attic floors. This is about 18 inches of insulation. We will be using blow-in insulation, which can provide improved R-value. This can be blown into the attic and the walls without causing damage to your home.

If your attic insulation isn’t enough, you could be experiencing reduced comfort and higher energy costs. Have a Columbus roofer like us at Muth & Company Roofing to help you out. Let us provide you with our expert recommendation and install blown-in attic insulation. For more information, contact us online!

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