Historic Home Owners, Choose Your Roofer Carefully

Historical Home in Columbus

Roofing your historic home can be a weighty decision.

It requires careful consideration of the Columbus roofing contractor you hire to take care of the job. Even the best materials can be compromised by Ohio’s extreme seasonal changes, so poor installation could leave the rest of your home in danger of water damage, mold, and countless other threats. And water damage to a historic home could be devastating because so many elements are irreplaceable.

Preserving Columbus’s Historic Home Heritage

When it comes to historical roofing, Muth & Company is THE professional contractor who can protect your unique investment. If you’re looking to replace your roof, Muth & Company Roofing is pleased to be a certified installer of many of the shingle types and styles that have been approved for use by the City of Columbus Historic Resources Commission.

Columbus Ohio Historic Home using Muth RoofingHistorical Roofing Regulations

Did you know there are several historical districts in Columbus? Eight different districts inside the city, to be exact!

Historic preservation in planning aims to conserve old buildings, linking a place’s history to its culture. It supports green building by reusing existing structures and enhances a city’s competitiveness by adding uniqueness compared to standard skyscrapers.

If you have a historical property, you must choose a roofing company that is familiar with how to obtain a certificate of appropriateness from the historical boards. Only certain exterior materials are approved, so we can advise you or help you find out from your board ahead of time which materials are allowed. Most boards only meet once a month or every other month. This could delay you starting your project, which is another important reason to hire an experienced Columbus roofing contractor.

For more information about our historical roofing services, contact Muth & Company Roofing today at (614) 682-3060.

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