How To Keep Animals Out Of Your Attic

keep animals out of your attic

If you hear odd noises in the attic, it may not be aliens! Scratching noises and signs of animal activity on and around your roofing in Columbus, OH, are clues that you have unwanted roommates within your home.

As temperatures drop, attics become attractive to animals seeking refuge from the cold and a cozy place to multiply. This space is usually warm, dark, and filled with clutter. This is the perfect spot for squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, and similar creatures to take up residence.

The Trouble with Outside Animals in Your Home

Unfortunately, these animals are no friend to humans. They carry numerous diseases, as well as cause significant property damage ranging from gnawed electrical wiring and chewed wood to shredded insulation and even damaged siding, piping, and ducts. The longer these animals live in your home, the worse the problems become.

Muth & Company Roofing can help you keep animals out of your attic by inspecting your roofline and blocking the points where animals enter the attic, garage, and/or other areas. The entry holes can be surprisingly small and may include:

  • Gaps and rotted areas in wood.
  • Attic vents.
  • Gaps in or around chimneys.
  • Joints at siding and eaves.
  • Openings where pipes and cables are run.
  • Behind gutters.
  • Tree branches that allow animals to get on the roof.

You Can Prevent Animals from Getting into Your Home

If you don’t currently have animals in your attic, a routine inspection of your roof, attic and home exterior can catch any issues before they can take up residence. If you believe you already have an animal problem, we can recommend a reputable pest control expert in the Columbus area, then perform roof repair in Dublin, OH, to keep those pests from returning. This may include making sure all vents and chimneys have secured screens. And by cutting back branches so animals can’t access the roof. For more information, contact our Columbus, Ohio, roofing experts today at (703) 774-9525.

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