Keep Your Home Warm With Attic Insulation

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Keep Your Home Warm With Attic Insulation

Keeping your home warm doesn’t need to be complicated.

The weather is getting colder every day. And as the temperature drops, you want to get the most out of your heating dollars. All the while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

One of the best ways to keep your home warm is with attic insulation. You wouldn’t go outside in the cold without a coat!  Don’t leave your home unprotected from the cold either.

Why attic insulation is so important

Insulation is vitally important year round. A well insulated home is more energy efficient. With the right type of insulation, properly installed, your home will stay warm. And this brings down those winter heating bills.

In the summer insulation prevents warm air from entering the house through the attic.  This keeps your house cooler and your air conditioning bills lower!

Why you should insulate your home

Different areas of the state have varying building standards for attic insulation. It’s important to meet the minimum requirements for your specific area. The type and thickness of the insulation is another consideration. Before any work is done, the attic must be properly prepared. This includes where soffits, bath fans and other electrical work are involved.

Adding attic insulation can be overwhelming

Keeping track of the different insulation requirements from county to county is confusing. It’s also dangerous for homeowners to work in their attic where the floorboards may not be secure.

As local roofers, we at Muth & Company Roofing understand the regulations throughout Ohio. We have expert knowledge about the affects of an improperly prepared attic and poorly installed insulation.

Covering soffits may interfere with proper venting. This can trap moisture and heat. This can ultimately cause your roofing shingles to deteriorate and may lead to mold growth.

Accidentally blocking bath vents can trap moisture in the insulation. This can weaken the insulation and possibly leading to mold. Poorly protected lights can overheat, leading to a dangerous situation.

Avoid all this by having Muth & Company Roofing, Columbus’ top roofer, install your insulation.

Call Muth & Company Roofing

A Muth & Company Roofing representative will do a comprehensive attic evaluation and inspection of your home, including ventilation areas. We will provide you with a written form detailing your home’s problems and how we can offer solutions.

We can take “INSULATE” off of your to do list! Contact Muth & Company Roofing today at 614-682-3060. Let’s discuss your home’s insulation needs!

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