Make an Annual Roof Inspection a Back-to-School Tradition

Make an Annual Roof Inspection a Back-to-School Tradition

An annual roof inspection is an important aspect of maintaining your roofing system. If you forget to schedule it, however, it’s not going to do you much good.

One way to take care of this problem is to make your annual inspection a back-to-school tradition. As kids across the area head back to class, hire a local roofing contractor like Muth and Company Roofing to head up to your roof.

Get Annual Care & Maintenance with Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan

It’s Like An Annual Roof Inspection “Report Card” for Your Roof

An annual roof inspection of your commercial or residential roof by a skilled roofer is similar to the assessment performed by teachers in the first few months of school. Your roofer will determine how the roof is performing. They will take note of any problems. And then advise a course of action on how to make improvements. A detailed record is kept of each inspection. So if at some point you have to turn in a claim to your insurance company, you will be able to pinpoint any damage that occurred since your last roof inspection.

Our Roofers Make the Grade

The milder weather of late summer and early fall makes it a great time for your annual roof inspection. Spring and summer storms with their high winds and destructive hail often leave behind roof damage. You need an experienced roofing professional to take stock of your roof. The easiest means of avoiding problems and maintaining your roof is with an annual roof inspection care and maintenance plan by an experienced roofing contractor.

All members of the Muth & Company team are trained to spot damage that may not be visible to an inexperienced eye. We will be able to advise you on the appropriate roof repairs needed to get your roof ready for winter.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan for your home or business, don’t wait any longer. Show your smarts by giving Muth & Company a call (614) 682-3060 this back-to-school season to set up an appointment. Then you don’t have to put a reminder on your calendar for next year!

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