Muth & Company Employee Spotlight: Kelly Wengerd

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Kelly Wengerd staff photoKelly Wengerd is the Sales Manager at Muth & Company Roofing. Kelly grew up northeast of Columbus in Killbuck, Ohio, where he honed his construction skills working with his dad and brothers in the family business. He has done everything from building new homes to remodeling and repairs, a background that is a great asset to Muth customers. Kelly has been employed by Muth & Company for 13 years.

Kelly transitioned to sales after Chad Muth convinced him that explaining how to do things – rather than physically doing them – would be a better fit. As sales manager, he guides employees on the techniques of selling and closing deals, in addition to selling himself. He enjoys the variety of his job, and describes the opportunity to meet and educate people on the care of their homes as “a blast.”

“Kelly has been one of my best friends and a huge mentor to me since I was 18 years old,” says Chad Muth, president of Muth & Company. “Not only does he do a great job representing the company, he is also an awesome friend. I am so glad he joined our team.”

Kelly believes Muth & Company is set apart from other Columbus roofers by a deep commitment to excellence. “We’re just better!” he says. “We do things the proper way, to code. Other companies will hodgepodge a job together to save a dollar, but we want a quality product every single time.”

Kelly explains that many salespeople assume that people are going to sign a contract when they show up at a prospective customer’s home. For him, teaching homeowners how Muth & Company can make their lives better with quality systems is more important than throwing out the lowest price. It’s a formula that continues to pay off for both the company and its customers.

Kelly has been married to his wife, Lisa, for nearly eight years, and also enjoys spending time with his granddaughter, Eliza. His hobbies include boating, working on Corvettes and classic 1938-40 Fords, and collecting Coke memorabilia. His favorite shows include Fast ‘N Loud and Pawn Stars, and his favorite teams are the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State. If he could go anywhere for a day, he would head “back to Jamaica.”

Thanks, Kelly, for all you do for the Muth & Company team!

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