Options For The Right Roof On a Deck or Porch

How to Choose the Right Roof for a Deck or Porch

Porches and decks offer numerous benefits, but adding a roof can significantly enhance their enjoyment. A roof not only shields you from the elements but also allows you to screen the area to ward off insects or enclose it with glass for year-round utility.

Building a roof for your deck or porch but aren’t quite certain of the appropriate design? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Match the slopes 

When deciding on the optimal roof slope for a house, various factors are taken into account. However, for a deck or porch roof, the solution is straightforward: align it with the slope of your house’s roof. Otherwise, differing slopes could create an unappealing aesthetic and diminish your home’s overall visual appeal.

Or go flat 

In some instances, a sloped porch roof isn’t feasible, such as when it would obstruct the view from an upper-floor window. In this case, your best options are to either build a low, sloped porch roof or allow for more height by keeping the porch roofing flat.

Taking note of the current architectural features of your home will be a big help.

If your home has classic architecture, a flat roof would probably be a better option. A sloped roof could block all that lovely architecture.

Use complementing colors and materials

You have two options when choosing the roofing material for your porch or deck roof: either match the color and material type of the existing roof or opt for a material or color that provides a pleasing contrast to your current roofing.

If you have dark shingles you could add some contrast by going with a lighter shade of the same color. Alternatively, you could invest in higher-end roofing materials. Those made of slate or copper will provide some textural interest against your asphalt shingles.

Need help choosing the best design options for your porch or deck roof? Or have questions about roof or gutter repairs? The roofers at Muth & Company would be happy to assist you. Contact us today at (614) 682-3060 to schedule a consultation for your next roofing project or roof replacement.

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