Put Gutters at the Top of Your Spring Cleaning List


What are the benefits of putting gutters at the top of your spring cleaning list?

With spring showers, cleaning gutters becomes an important home maintenance task. It can mean the difference between a trouble-free spring and summer, and serious structural problems for your home.

As trees leaf out around the Columbus Ohio area, they’ll launch millions of buds, blossoms, seeds, needles, and twigs. Many of which land on roofs and eventually settle into gutters. All of these create a ticking time bomb that can only be stopped with old-fashioned elbow grease!

Don’t ignore your gutters

When you ignore your gutters for an extended length of time, clogs will form. Rainwater will begin flowing over the edges instead of away from your home’s foundation. As it falls, this water can cause damage to the eaves, soffit, siding, cement work, and landscaping. Water pooling around a foundation causes a host of additional problems, including basement flooding, mold growth, and foundation cracks.

Make gutter cleaning a spring cleaning priority

Gutter cleaning and maintenance can virtually eliminate gutter issues before they cause permanent damage. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle, let Muth & Company take this unpleasant and potentially dangerous chore off your to-do list. We offer a gutter cleaning program and a comprehensive roof maintenance program that includes gutter cleaning and regular roof inspections.

Gutters are a crucial part of your roofing system

No roofing system is complete without gutters. Water in all forms can cause extensive damage to siding, windows, foundation, landscaping – and anything else in its path. Properly installed gutters carry water a safe distance away from your home, keeping water from infiltrating and causing leaks, basement flooding, and eventual structural damage. With many coordinating materials and colors to choose from, they can also be used to boost your home’s resale value and enhance its curb appeal.

For the best gutters, Columbus, Ohio residents turn to Muth & Co. Roofing! Call 614-882-0900 today to schedule your FREE gutter consultation and estimate!

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