‘Set It and Forget It’ With Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan

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‘Set It and Forget It’ With an Extended Service Plan for Your Roof and Gutters

The easiest way of avoiding problems and maintaining your roof is with Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan. 

When you buy a brand-new car or truck it is covered under a warranty. But you still have to get regular maintenance on it such as new tires or oil changes, right? Just like your car, check and service your roof at least once a year with an extended service plan. This is the idea behind our popular Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan, formerly known as our Extended Service Plan.

How a Routine Roof Maintenance Plan Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

Many of the premature roof failures we see are due to a lack of proper maintenance and periodic inspections. Not unlike a car, your roofing system needs to be inspected and serviced by a team of professional roofers like Muth & Company Roofing at least once a year. Keeping up with routine annual maintenance will help you quickly identify and implement necessary roof and gutter repairs, which go a long way toward extending the life of your roof. Because repairs run only a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement, a comprehensive roof maintenance plan can result in big savings over time.

What Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan Entails

For a small annual service fee, we will come to your home every year to “tune-up” your roof. While there, we will complete the following work as it applies to your home:

  • Clean all gutters.
  • Re-nail all gutter spikes.
  • Inspect all chimney flashings.
  • Check all wall flashings.
  • Inspect all skylight flashings.
  • Check all valley flashings.
  • Re-seal all flashings.
  • Paint all flashings (valleys an additional cost).
  • Check for damage caused by animals, insects, or acts of nature.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection report for your records, detailing the existing condition of your roof and its estimated remaining life. We will also include an estimate for repairs or replacement, if necessary.

Get Peace of Mind With Professional Roof Maintenance

To enjoy peace of mind about Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan, formerly known as our Extended Service Plan, call (614) 682-3060 today and talk to a Muth & Company representative to find out more!

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