Skylights and Your Roof: The Pros & Cons

If you need to bring more natural light into your home, an attractive and functional skylight from Muth & Company Roofing is a great way to do it. The warmth and light from a skylight is particularly beneficial in warming and brightening your home and lifting the spirits during the cold winter months. Skylights do have their downsides, however, so be sure to carefully consider both the pros and cons before deciding if a skylight would be right for your home. 


Increasing Natural Light

Pros: The installation of a ceiling skylight is an excellent option for bringing light to dark areas that lack regular window space or don’t have outside wall access. A skylight reduces the need for artificial electric light, and will save you money by lowering your monthly electric bill. In addition, in some cases you can further reduce your overall energy expenditures by qualifying for a federal tax credit.

Cons: Despite all the advantages of bringing additional natural light into your home via a skylight, there may be times that you wish for a little less light. And because blinds and curtains aren’t really an option with most skylights, this can be a negative to installing one. Skylight placement should be carefully considered; it’s best to avoid putting one in a bedroom where your sleep could be disrupted, or in a living area you might want to keep dark sometimes in order to enjoy a movie.

Increasing Warmth

Pros: In addition to increasing the amount of light in your home, a skylight lets in more heat as well. This is particularly helpful if you live in a cooler climate, have a chilly room that you want to heat up, or want to bring additional warmth into your home in the winter. More warmth means that less fuel is required to heat your home, and as a result you’ll be able to see deeper energy savings.

Cons: As you may have guessed, this additional warmth that’s so desirable throughout the winter months is not nearly as pleasant in the summer. In areas where the climate is hotter, the additional heat gain from the use of a skylight could negatively affect your home’s cooling system.

Get a Skylight Estimate

At Muth & Company Roofing, we offer skylights with energy-efficient glass packages that help negate the problem of heat gain or loss, insulating your home against the chill of winter and the heat of summer. We install both traditional skylights (fixed and tilting) as well as sun tubes, which are a fraction of the cost of a regular skylight.

If you think a skylight or sun tube may be just the thing for your home, keep in mind that installation by a professional roofing company is essential. With the way that skylights are exposed to the elements, any mistakes in skylight installation will quickly result in water or air leaks. Give the experts at Muth & Company a call today at (614) 682-3060 for a FREE skylight estimate!

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