Skylights Vs. Sun Tunnels: Which One Should You Choose?

Worthington home new roof

Getting more natural light into your home is an excellent way to light up your living spaces without the need to turn on electric lighting. If you’re looking for a way to do so, we at Muth Roofing have an excellent suggestion.

Adding skylights or sun tunnels to your roofing in Delaware OH can be an excellent way to bring in more natural light into the home as well as provide a sense of spaciousness and visual appeal to the interior. With winter approaching, having these kinds of additions installed can make a chilly day more comfortable with the natural warmth from the sun.

With more natural light and warmth coming into the home, your power consumption, including your electric bill, is bound to get lower.

Though both skylights and sun tunnels practically have the same function, there are a few differences that you might want to take note of to help you choose which one to install.

A skylight is a type of window that is directly mounted onto the roof to provide natural light and ventilation. It can be vented to allow the release of hot and humid air from areas like the bathroom or the kitchen.

A sun tunnel, on the other hand, extends from the roof through the ceiling to provide natural light into any area of the house. It can be used to light rooms, closets, or hallways that cannot utilize standard-sized windows for lighting.

If you still can’t decide on which one to install, we at Muth & Company Roofing can help you. We offer both of these roof additions. Our skylights and sun tubes are made with energy-efficient glass packages that further reduce your power consumption at home as well as help insulate your home better against summer heat or winter chills.

We also offer other home improvement projects that can help keep your power consumption low, and other services for your roofing in Gahanna OH. For more information on the benefits of a skylight or sun tunnel, feel free to contact Muth & Company Roofing today.

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