Temporary Solution for Leaks: Tarping Over the Roof in 5 Steps

Worthington home new roof

The weather here in Columbus, Ohio, can be unpredictable sometimes. Especially during this time of the year on a seasonal shift, we could experience hot and muggy mornings and a wet and windy afternoon and night. Large hails, blizzards, and ice storms can also occur from time to time. With these erratic weather conditions, roof repair in Columbus Ohio can be outright dangerous especially at this time of the year.

In the event that you are fixing a roof leak and you were caught off guard by the rain, the best thing to do is to temporarily stop the flow of water by tarping over the leak, and patching it up later on when the weather calms down.

So here’s a simple, step by step guide on how to apply a tarp over your roof:

  1. Look for the source of the roof leak.
  2. Over the leaking part of the roof, stretch the tarp and make sure that it is flat and tight.
  3. Extend the tarp (about two feet) over the edge of the roof.
  4. Lay several pieces of wood boards on the tarp, running vertically down the slope of the roof.
  5. Attach the wood boards to the tarp and into the roof decking with nails or staples about every 16 inches. Make sure that the tarp is stretched tight on the roof before attaching the boards.

Just a reminder, though, that this is just a temporary remedy to your roof leaks to avoid significant water damage to your home’s interior and further repair costs. As for long term solution to your roofing woes, you should contact the expert in roof repair in Columbus, Westerville, Delaware, Worthington, Dublin, Bexley, Gananna, and New Albany: Muth & Company Roofing. Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate on your roofing project.

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