The Importance of Roof Repair in Columbus, Ohio Following a Storm

Worthington home new roof

An article on published last August 29, 2013 details the terrifying damage caused by a storm in the community of Ironton, Ohio. The winds were powerful enough to uproot several trees. Things do not look well for residents of the area, as the fallen trees crashed upon several houses, resulting in severe roof damage in some instances.

Ohio is no stranger to fierce storms, but no amount of familiarity with a natural calamity can fully prepare any household. Roofing systems, specifically, are of particular concern during inclement weather since they are likely to receive the brunt of the damage from flying debris and fallen heavy objects. Immediately after a storm, one will need reputable contractors to carry out roof repair in Columbus, Ohio.

The storm hit Ironton the day before the article was posted, and it wrought extensive damage overnight. A resident named Sally Fairchild looked on helplessly as three different trees fell on her front yard, one of which fell directly over her home. The impact caused a good portion of her roof to cave in.

Authorities say Fairchild’s home received the worst damage in her area, but she’s not the only one affected by the storm. Limbs from various trees and other bits of debris filled the streets and homes of other Ironton residents, leaving many properties in a mess. As one other resident so succinctly puts it, it’s as if a bomb went off without warning. Parts of the city were also flooded, but thankfully, the water wasn’t too high.

Storms can do all sorts of damage on houses, both directly and indirectly. Blustery weather can threaten to rip roofing off by force, for instance. If the wind can’t shred the roof apart, then it’s sure to batter the surface with debris such as tree branches and other materials. Should this happen, homeowners may want to call on a trusted contractor like Muth & Company Roofing for professional roof repair in Columbus.

While your roof is built to withstand considerable wear and tear, it will eventually fall into disrepair and succumb to abuse from the elements. It is, thus, advisable to have a reputable roofer perform a thorough inspection and carry out the necessary repairs following a storm. Damaged or missing shingles and other components can then be replaced, thus, preventing leaks and water damage.

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