The Right Amount of Insulation Can Keep Your Home Cooler

insulation can keep your home cooler

The sun beats down on your roof, day after day. It’s no surprise that the attic is the hottest spot in the house.

Having the right amount of insulation goes a long way toward controlling the loss of heat from your home in winter. But did you know that it will also make your home cooler in the summer by keeping out hot attic air?

How Insulation Works

The correct amount and kind of insulation will block heat both ways. It will prevent warm air from escaping in the winter. And will keep your home cooler in the summer by slowing down the transfer of outside heat. Think of how a cooler works to keep your food cold by keeping warm air out; it’s the same principle.

How Much Is Enough?

There are two necessary components one needs to know to determine the correct amount of insulation in an attic. The first component, the R-value, refers to a material’s resistance to heat transfer. The second component is the total thickness. Once you know the total insulation value that is recommended for your area, you can then take the R-value of the insulating material and figure out how much you need to reach the suggested thickness.

Attic Insulation Thickness Recommendations

The Department of Energy‘s recommendation for attic insulation varies, depending on where you live. In general, if you stay in the range of R-30 to R-60, you will see a decrease in energy costs of up to 20%. This assumes your AC unit has been well-maintained. For maximum savings, our experienced roofers at Muth & Company Roofing, recommend a value of R-60. This equals a total of about 18 inches of insulation.

We believe in using the best, which is why we install blown-in fiberglass insulation for improved R-value. Contact the best roofing contractors in Columbus, OH, at (614) 682-3060 if you are ready to start saving with professionally-installed attic insulation.

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