What To Do If You Spot Moisture Stains On Your Ceiling

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The presence of moisture stains on the ceiling does not automatically mean that your roof is failing.

But it is important to find out if the moisture stains are old or the result of active leaks.

These could lead to a costly but necessary roof repair. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out from what area of the home the water is coming. A professional evaluation from Muth & Company Roofing can help you determine if there’s a current cause for concern.

Roof leaks that leave moisture stains

Sometimes roof leaks are from a chimney with improper flashing or a section of shingles that blew off in a storm. A Muth & Company roofer will test the stain to see if it’s actively leaking. Then we will inspect the roof and recommend a repair.

A dry stain means that the previous problem that caused the leak has been fixed. Or that the conditions that caused it are no longer there.

Moisture stains caused by condensation

Improperly vented fans with an insulated duct and a roof cap with an airtight seal will cause condensation to build up in the duct. This condensation will eventually leak down to the ceiling. Another area where condensation can cause problems is in the attic.

If you have air leaks in your attic, they can cause frost to collect. This leads to staining in random places when it melts. Sealing air leaks will help keep this problem from repeating itself.

Damage from high humidity

There is always a certain amount of humidity in your home from daily activities. But when humidity levels get too high, homeowners can start to experience moisture problems. These include signs that include mold, mildew, condensation on windows, and stains on the walls and ceiling. Humidifiers are the most common culprits in these instances.

While great for adding moisture to dry winter air, their overuse can cause much worse problems than dry skin. The EPA recommends keeping humidity levels between 30-50%, and no greater than 60%, to prevent moisture problems.

Leaking caused by ice dams

Ice dams are another cause of leaks and staining. These are usually at the outside corners where the ceiling and outside walls meet. Ice dams usually form from insufficient insulation in the attic. This allows warm air to leak out from the interior. Fixing this particular problem is by adding more attic insulation and plugging any attic leaks.

If your home has unexplained ceiling stains, give Muth and Company Roofing a call at (614) 682-3060 to schedule a thorough inspection by our competent Columbus roofing contractors.

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