What You Need to Know About Preventing Winter Storm Damage

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While schoolkids get excited about snow days, the reality is that major winter storms can wreak havoc in the lives of adults, causing inconvenience, discomfort and expensive damage. Keep your home protected from these disruptions by following these tips.

An ice covered branch in the foreground with a downed tree in the background. Shot during the ice storm of Dec. 13 southern Ontario Canada.

  • Keep gutters clear. This keeps ice from building up in the gutters and contributing to the formation of ice dams, which may cause water to back up underneath shingles.
  • Trim back trees. Trim trees and shrubs back far enough that they will not rub against or fall onto your roof or siding, even if weighed down with snow and ice. Remember, safety first. Call a professional if you need help.
  • Inspect the roof. Keep an eye out for missing or damaged shingles and roof flashing that can allow water and ice into your home. Call for Columbus roof repair if you notice anything unusual, especially after severe weather.
  • Mind the chimney. Wind and heavy rains can lead to a leaky chimney and related water damage. Be sure your chimney has a chimney cap installed, and have the brick and mortar inspected periodically since the freeze/thaw cycle will eventually cause cracks.
  • Get a roof rake. If large amounts of snow accumulate on your roof, consider using a roof rake to remove some of the load that can cause leaks and even lead to collapse. If you are unsure if snow should be removed or if you need help, call a Columbus roofer for assistance.
  • Insulate pipes. Look for exposed water supply lines that are located in unheated areas and exterior walls. Wrap them with an insulating pipe sleeve or heat tape to stop the pipes from freezing and bursting in very cold weather. Let water trickle from faucets connected to exposed pipes that run through unheated spaces to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Find the main water valve. Know where the main water valve is located (typically in the basement or outside near the curb) so you can turn water off quickly if a pipe bursts.
  • Keep walkways clear. Ensure personal safety after a storm hits by clearing snow and ice from sidewalks, steps and driveways. Treat these surfaces with rock salt or deicing products.

Trust Our Professionals for Repair

If your home is damaged by a severe winter storm, your homeowner’s insurance will generally cover the repairs. For assistance with winter roofing issues and filing a claim for roof repair in Columbus, call Muth & Company right away at (614) 682-3060. We’re here to help, no matter the weather.

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