When Is the Best Time to Install Metal Roofing?

Worthington home new roof

So you’ve decided that to you want to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing in Gahanna, OH, but you’re not sure about the best time to schedule your installation. Fortunately, metal roofing does not require the special precautions that shingles do in cold weather, making it possible to install it year-round! That being said, there are certain times of year that are more advantageous for you as the homeowner.


Installing During Peak Roofing Season

Roofing companies in Columbus, OH, work year-round, but the period when we are the busiest is in the late summer on into fall. This is because the intense summer heat has faded and the weather is drier and more predictable, so there is less likelihood that a job will be delayed due to rain. Good roofers will have a full schedule during this time, so be aware that the wait time for an installation will be longer.

Winter: Who Would Have Thought?

If you think that roofing can only be done during warm weather, then it probably comes as a surprise that winter is a great time to install a metal roof. It is the slow season for roofers, so you’re more likely to get your job installed quickly. With so many roofers vying for the same jobs, you might even get a discount that you wouldn’t get at other times of the year.

However, note that Muth & Company will not install metal roofing when the temperature is below freezing. Believe it or not, metal will contract if installed during freezing temperatures. When it expands again, it could “oil can” or warble, causing the metal to look bad.

Learn More about Metal Roofs

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