Why Small Animals Can Mean Big Trouble for Your Home

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If you have noticed strange scratching or other noises coming from your attic or roof, you may have some unwelcome visitors trying to take up residence. While birds and small animals like squirrels and raccoons may seem harmless, it’s a very bad idea to allow them to hang around. Here’s why.

Small Animals

Sparrows and crows

Sparrows and crows often build their nests in inconvenient places that block gutters, chimneys and vents, and their nests attract insects and hold moisture that can damage your roof. Curious crows make even more of a nuisance of themselves by pecking, prying and pulling on anything that catches their eye, which can cause extensive damage to your shingles and necessitate roof repair in Columbus.

Starlings and woodpeckers

Bird droppings are highly acidic. When you have a large flock of starlings in the neighborhood, you will be left with a mess that will leave ugly stains on your roof and eat away at the protective layers of your shingles. With woodpeckers, their pecking tendencies as they search for bugs or create nesting holes can do a number on your roof, leaving behind holes that will quickly lead to leaks if not fixed.


As the days grow colder, small animals such as squirrels and raccoons tend to gravitate toward dark, cozy places – such as your attic. Like their mouse cousin, squirrels will gnaw on everything they can get their little teeth on: electrical wiring, wood, shingles, vents and more. Aside from the damage they do, squirrels and other small animals leave behind their feces, which can carry disease as well as cause unpleasant odors.


A determined raccoon is strong enough to chew and rip through an entire roofing system, leaving the roof sheathing unprotected and susceptible to leaks when it rains. If you think you have a raccoon problem, call a pest control expert immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the raccoon and keep it away.

The best way to prevent animals and birds from damaging your home is to clear away nests, keep tree branches trimmed to prevent animals from accessing your roof, and block all holes and openings, no matter how small. Even if you don’t think you are having animal problems, a thorough roof inspection by Muth and Company Roofing of Columbus, OH, will help identify any potential issues before they become a problem. Contact us today at (614) 682-3060 for more information.

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