3 Common Metal Roofing Problems

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The majority of problems associated with metal roofing are caused by improper installation. Continue reading to learn about a few of these common problems, and how to avoid them when hiring Columbus roofing contractors.

Image-3Roof Leaks

Leaking is probably the most common problem with metal roofing, and it’s usually the result of poor craftsmanship or installation that causes gaps and cuts where water can leak in. Ponding water also puts excess pressure on the metal, which can lead to leaks and other issues. This can be avoided, however, by simple maintenance: just be sure to clear any puddles or pools off your roof, especially after heavy rain.

Dimples and Wrinkles

“Oil canning,” as it’s called in the roofing industry, refers to the wrinkling that sometimes happens due to installation errors. Usually it’s under- or over-tightening the fasteners on a roof, causing the metal to stretch in different directions and resulting in unsightly dimples and wrinkles. Another cause for this phenomenon is cheap metal. Even an expert installer can’t do much about thin, cheap metal that is highly susceptible to wrinkles, tears and punctures. High-quality roofing metal, on the other hand, will last a lifetime, and requires very little maintenance when installed correctly.

Contractors Who Custom-Fit

Subpar roofing companies like to cut corners with a “custom-fit” roof. They take rough measurements of your roof, purchase longer panels and then cut them to fit on the job site, which often results in imprecise cuts and rough edges that are left open to the elements. Over time, this can lead to rust and failure of the roof coating. With an experienced metal roofing installer, on the other hand, the metal for your roof is custom-cut (and coated) by the manufacturer using exact measurements, resulting in panels that mold to the contours of your roof, providing a weather-tight fit that resists leaks and blow-off.

Metal roofing in Dublin, OH, can be an attractive addition to your home, and while it is a sizable investment, the payoff in longevity and durability is well worth the additional cost. Give Muth and Company a call today at (614) 682-3060 to find out how to make a metal roofing system your own.

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