Don’t Plant These Kinds of Trees Near Your House

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Trees can be a wonderful addition to your home’s landscaping. No matter how tall and stately or how beautiful in the spring and fall, you need to carefully consider how certain tree species will affect your roof and gutters. Some trees look great but can really do a number on your home. Before planting (or keeping) a tree close to your house, make sure it isn’t one of these species.

Kinds of Trees

Cottonwood Trees

Cottonwood trees are a nuisance not only in the fall, but year-round as well, sending down a shower of leaves, twigs and seed pods that constantly have to be cleaned off your roof and out of your gutters. If gutters are not cleared, insects and other pests will seek shelter in the debris, which in turn attracts birds. With birds come bird droppings, which are extremely acidic and can eat away at your shingles.

Oak Trees

The problem with oaks, one of the aforementioned tall, stately tree species, is that they are usually big trees with huge crowns, and their branches often spread out over rooftops. These heavy branches are not something you want hanging over your roof during a damaging storm. In addition, the leaves that flutter down onto the roof in fall quickly form matted layers. If not removed, leaves frequently become home to insects and retain moisture that can damage your roof.

Pine Trees

While some homeowners assume that pine trees won’t drop their needles because they are evergreens, this is false. Pine trees, particularly white pines, are notorious for shedding their needles, effectively clogging up gutters in Columbus, OH, and making a mess on your roof. Piles of needles left to molder on the roof attract insects and hold moisture, which can lead to water damage. If you really want pine trees, it is best to plant them away from the house, where they work great as windbreaks and privacy screens.

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