3 Ways Gutter Guards Save You Time And Money

gutter guards save you money and protect your home

One of the dirtiest, most time-consuming and most dangerous fall maintenance tasks is cleaning out gutters in Columbus, OH. Climbing up and down a ladder to scoop out handfuls of muck is nobody’s idea of fun, but it is necessary to protect your home. But what if you could prevent this accumulation of leaves and debris from happening in the first place?

It seems like gutters catch every leaf and twig that falls from your trees. Add water to this build-up and you have a slimy mess to clean up. Clogged gutters are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and snakes have even been known to take up residence in the decomposing debris. With an Alu-Rex gutter protection system, your gutters are shielded from all of this. No buildup means no unwanted pests and no gutter cleaning, or paying someone else to do it for you.

Gutter Guards Prevent Damage to Your Home

Blocked gutters and downspouts prevent rainwater from draining properly, which can cause substantial damage to your home’s foundation, windows and siding. Even landscaping can be affected. If your gutters in Delaware, OH, are rusted out or damaged, it’s essential to replace the damaged sections, or better yet, install a new gutter system with Alu-Rex gutter guards! Gutters that have been correctly installed by Muth & Company Roofing will divert water away from your home, stopping any potential damage. In the meantime, our gutter guards will keep your gutters clear and water flowing freely.

Gutter Guards Will Help Your Gutters Last Longer

Gutters are a common place for rodents and birds to try to build their nests. Add to this the combined weight of wet leaves and other debris, plus any backed-up water, and your gutters are sure to sag and rust. An Alu-Rex gutter system will ensure that water, birds and rodents all stay in their proper places. It’s suitable for all gutter types and extremely weather-resistant.

If you are ready to save yourself the headache of gutter cleaning this fall, give Muth & Company a call at 614-682-3060 to find out more about all the benefits of this impressive system.

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