3 Ways To Help Eliminate Ice Dams From Causing Roof Damage

3 Ways To Help Eliminate Ice Dams From Causing Roof Damage

3 Ways To Help Eliminate Ice Dams From Causing Roof Damage

Although it’s not yet officially winter, temperatures are headed downward.

Snow will again be falling over central Ohio.  Here are 3 ways to help eliminate ice dams from causing roof damage. Now is the time to make preparations, especially if this has been a problem for your home in the past.

While a blanket of snow looks pretty, snow and extended periods of freezing temperatures can cause real problems for your roof. When there is an accumulation of ice or snow on the roof of a home that is not properly insulated, heat escapes from the interior. This melts the snow on the upper roof, beginning a cycle known as ice damming.

As the snow melts and flows down the roof, it reaches colder areas (usually at the eaves) and refreezes. A dam of ice then forms and grows as more snowmelt backs up behind it.

Ice dams can be very damaging to roof shingles

It also allow water to leak underneath and into your insulation and ceiling.

There are three ways our top Columbus roofers, like Muth & Company Roofing, can take measures to lessen the likelihood of the formation of ice dams.

  1. Add attic insulation that will keep warm air from escaping from the living spaces (this also greatly improves energy efficiency).
  2. Make sure the attic is properly ventilated to allow moisture and warm air to escape.
  3. Seal gaps between the living space and the attic that allow extra heat to escape into the attic.

Another way to stop damage from ice dams is to add leak barrier along the eaves during roof installation.

For more advice, talk with the professionals at Muth & Company today about making repairs to your roofing to prevent the formation of ice dams. Our experts can help you avoid cold weather headaches this winter! Call us at (614) 682-3060.

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