4 Common Roofing Installation Mistakes

4 common roofing installation mistakes

If you have had a new roof installed recently, the last thing you expect is to have a failing roof anytime soon. Unfortunately, if you chose the wrong roofing contractor, you could end up facing this all-too-common scenario. Here are four common roofing installation mistakes that inexperienced or unethical roofers sometimes make that could cause an early roof failure.

1) Improper nailing of the shingles

Nailing down shingles may seem pretty straightforward. But there are several factors that can affect how effective your shingles are at preventing leaks and protecting your home.

    • The placement of nails at the right spot on the shingles; too far up, and the wind is more likely to catch the shingles and blow them off.
    • The compressor pressure on the nail gun has to be set at the right level; too high, and it can tear the shingles.
    • The angle of nails: too sharp, and it can rip the fiberglass mat.

2) Laying a new roof over the old one

When a contractor assures a homeowner that laying a new roof over the existing one will save time and money, the homeowner has no reason not to believe them. And while it might save money in labor and disposal fees initially, the old shingles will continue to break down and decay over the years.

Attaching a new roof to old shingles instead of clean, secure decking is sure to cause problems that will lead to costly repairs or even a full roof replacement in the future

4 common roofing installation mistakes3) Improper attic ventilation

As part of the roofing process, your roofing contractor should do a thorough examination of the attic. This is to determine the humidity level and airflow patterns. As well as ensure the home has adequate venting and the correct amount of insulation.

If the contractor feels that there aren’t enough vents, they will need to be added. Insufficient ventilation can lead to the buildup of moisture and mold. This will, in turn, cause the decking and other roofing materials to break down prematurely.

4) Improper flashing placement 

Every roof has multiple seams, all of which have to be protected by flashing to keep your roof leak-free. Neglecting the flashing at any of these important junctures ensures water will find its way into every gap and crack. Flashing protects the area around chimneys, vents, and skylights from leaks. They do this by diverting water away from these penetrations and toward the gutters. Another mistake some contractors make is trying to reuse old flashing.

Don’t fall for this. Remember that only new flashing with a proper seal will provide the watertight protection your roof needs.

Avoid These 4 Common Roofing Installation Mistakes

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