4 common roofing installation mistakes

4 Common Roofing Installation Mistakes

If you have had a new roof installed recently, the last thing you expect is to have a failing roof anytime soon. Unfortunately, if you chose the wrong roofing contractor, you could end up facing this all-too-common scenario. Here are four common roofing installation mistakes that inexperienced or unethical roofers sometimes make that could cause […]

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4 common causes for roof leaks

4 Common Causes For Roof Leaks

If you ask any expert, roof leaks would rank among the most destructive of roofing damages. It chips away at the material’s composition, often without you knowing because some remain hidden. Unless you call Muth and Company Roofing for dependable roof repair and have your home’s roof patched up immediately, you run the risk of

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what are roof flashings

What Are Roof Flashings?

The most important component of your roofing system may be something you’ve never heard of. It’s called roof flashings. For your home or business, flashings are one of the first barriers of defense against the elements. It consists of strips of aluminum or galvanized steel. These protect the most vulnerable areas of a roof, such

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