4 Common Causes For Roof Leaks

4 common causes for roof leaks

If you ask any expert, roof leaks would rank among the most destructive of roofing damages.

It chips away at the material’s composition, often without you knowing because some remain hidden. Unless you call Muth and Company Roofing for dependable roof repair and have your home’s roof patched up immediately, you run the risk of damaged component parts. They could be your interior walls or ceiling. And they can rapidly deteriorate from constant exposure to moisture. Here are four common causes of roof leaks.

Flashing is among the most common causes of roof leaks

Your roof’s flashing installations can cause roof leaks in either of three ways: improper installation, faulty repairs, and damages caused by environmental factors. With all three situations, you should look into hiring a locally owned, professional roofer like Muth and Company Roofing.

Age of roof materials and roof leaks

Varying roof materials have different projected lifetimes. Shingles, for instance, can last twenty to fifty years. A durable metal roof can live for a century or so. However, this depends on certain factors, such as the quality of installation and the frequency of seasonal cleaning and maintenance. One thing is certain. Without maintenance, your roof would be much more prone to leaks before its projected lifespan.

Inefficient gutters cause roof leaks

Your home’s roof pitch helps to facilitate water runoff. Standing water anywhere, even in the spaces between shingles or tiles, cause damage to the material and beyond it. If you have an inefficient gutter system, water will pool, compromising the system. This will make your roof more prone to splits, cracks, rust, and leaks.

Roof leaks from loosened fasteners and shingles

When the fasteners get pulled up, water is easily able to get into the underside of the roof itself and cause other problems. This includes mold (which is harmful to breathe) and severe water damage that can invade your home and cause staining as well.

To prevent the risk of water damage in your home, you need to hire a reliable Columbus roof repair professional. Roofers like Muth & Company Roofing possess the necessary experience and credentials to restore or replace your damaged roofing so that it maintains its primary purpose of shielding your home from the annihilating force of nature outside.

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