5 Myths about Metal Roofing for Columbus Homes

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Metal is a very smart choice for roofing in Columbus, Ohio, or anywhere in the state, but not everyone understands just how many benefits it offers. A metal roof will never deteriorate, and can stand up to almost anything Mother Nature throws at it. If you have a metal roof covering your home, you’ll most likely never have to reroof again because it will last 50 years or more.

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Common Misconceptions about Metal

Don’t let common misconceptions interfere with your interest in this roofing material. Here are some of the most common myths about metal roofing.

  • Metal roofing is too hot. Metal roofing features a special coating which reflects the sunlight that asphalt shingles absorb, keeping your home consistently cooler. That can save a considerable amount on cooling bills.
  • Metal roofing attracts lightning. A metal roof does not increase the chances that your home will be struck by lightning. In fact, should your home be hit, the metal will lessen damage by dispersing energy throughout the surface. And because metal can’t burn, it’s an ideal roofing option for fire protection.
  • Metal roofing causes a lot of noise. Metal roofing doesn’t make a home noisier. Because metal panels are installed over a thick layer of sheathing, they often do a better job of silencing roof noise from rain and hail than other materials!
  • Metal roofing is prone to rust, and prone to dents. Today’s metal roofing is covered with a bonded zinc/aluminum coating that prevents the formation of rust. Specially formulated paints add another layer of protection. The result is a product that can stand up to years of abuse from hail, high winds and heavy precipitation.

When properly installed, a metal roof will be the envy of your neighborhood! Muth & Company Roofing the best source for metal roofing and metal roof repair in Columbus, Ohio. For a FREE estimate on a beautiful new metal roof, call us at (614) 682-3060.

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