5 Things to Look For in a Quality Roofer

5 Things to Look For in a Quality Roofer

Did you know that one of the most frequent complaints to the Better Business Bureau concerns companies in the roofing industry? Homeowners are so often unfamiliar with roofing best practices. And roofing is such a large investment. Combine these two with hiring an inexperienced contractor to do roof work and the chances of a scam are high. These are good reasons to find a reliable, high-quality Columbus roofer for your project.

Before Hiring a Contractor

Before making a hiring decision, do some due diligence. Research a company’s background, conduct an interview with a representative, and talk to past customers. Many roofing companies in Columbus, Ohio, are in reality “paper roofers.” This means they sell the job and subcontract the work out to the lowest bidder, without having real-life knowledge or experience in installing roofs. Your research should help you determine if a company trains and certifies employees and subcontractors to their standards or just sells the job to the lowest bidder.

Here are other quality roofer guidelines

Years in business. Most roofing companies don’t last longer than five years. Muth & Company has a long track record of success. More than 30 years serving Columbus and Central Ohio. We have a vested interest in serving our community well. Our excellent reviews on the Better Business Bureau website and Google My Business attest to the level of service we provide.

Licensing, bonding, and insurance. Licensing gives you the assurance that a company is registered to do business, while bonding ensures your job will be completed even if the contractor can’t finish the work. Insurance protects you from financial liability in the event of property damage or worker injury. Muth & Company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Proper training. A roofing crew can’t install a top-quality roofing system if they haven’t been properly trained. We heavily invest in training to make sure all of our employees and subcontractors are familiar with our roofing products and the best ways to install them.

Employee testing methods. Because Muth & Company is a GAF Master Elite™ certified contractor, all new employees and subcontractors must pass a GAF Pro Field Guide test within six months of joining the company.

A business address, not a PO or a residential address. Any contractor can print up business cards and work out of a truck. If a roofer has invested in a physical address, he has skin in the game.

Muth & Company is the quality roofer you are looking for. We want to earn your business. Give us a call at (614) 682-3060 to schedule your FREE estimate!

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