Ventilation Is Key For Your New Roof

Ventilation is key for your new roof

For many property owners, ventilation is one of the complicated aspects of a house. Some don’t even notice a problem in their system until the issue worsens.

According to Energy Star® and many roofing contractors in Columbus Ohio, ventilation is important especially in winter, as it allows air to flow naturally through the attic. It helps prevent the formation of dangerous ice dams.

During summer, proper ventilation can make your house more comfortable. It helps air circulate in the attic, protecting your roof shingles from moisture and keeping your home cool.

There are many kinds of ventilation. Two options you can choose from are ridge vents and power vents. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents run through the whole peak of your roof. Although a ridge vent system may cost more, they provide uniformly dispersed ventilation along the underside of your roof. The vents blend perfectly into your roof, making your exterior look more appealing.

Ridge vents offer a greater volume of airflow per square foot of your attic than other kinds of ventilation systems. Changes in wind direction will have no effect on your system. Talk about maximizing airflow! If you have a steep roof, however, ridge vents may not offer sufficient ventilation for your attic.

Power Vents

Power vents have motors and blades that can quickly disperse heat and humidity from your attic. This ventilation system uses a thermostat, which activates the fan/turbine when the attic reaches a certain temperature and needs cooling. You don’t have to install many units of power vents all over your house. Most of the time, one power vent is enough to ventilate a regular-sized attic. Although you can use power vents on steep roofs, they can only monitor heat.

Factors To Consider For A Ventilation System

When choosing a system for your home, make sure to consider these three factors:

1) The kind of roof you have

2) The climate in your area

3) Your budget

At Muth & Company Roofing, we offer different types of ventilation systems. We plan roofing systems and incorporate the right type of vents into the design. For instance, we can position intake vents under the edge of your roof’s eave to let fresh air into your attic.

When it comes to Columbus roofing contractors with ventilation services, you can always rely on Muth & Company roofing. Get in touch with us for more information about our services.

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