Cleaning Your Roof And Gutters

After a long wait, warmer days are here!

Expecting warmer weather, many homeowners are gearing up for their spring cleaning regimen. 

When cleaning, always include the roof and gutters in your routine. Power washing is one effective technique to clear the clogs, but many do not realize that there is a right way to do this. 

If you see some physical damage on your roof or gutters, contact us. We’re the professionals when it comes to gutter repair. We’ll take the time to properly inspect the places that very often cause problems.

The power washer itself isn’t likely to cause damage. What you have to be aware of is the right level of pressure and the perfect angle to make sure the jet doesn’t blow off the shingles nearby. Screws and fasteners should be secured to keep the gutter from breaking once the jets of water start hitting. 

If you aren’t sure about your ability to do this yourself, you can opt to have the professionals at Muth & Co. Roofing to handle the job.

We also offer a convenient Care & Maintenance Program that includes an annual roof inspection and tune-up, plus gutter cleaning. It’s an affordable way to get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the best roofing contractor in Columbus is caring for your roof.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning out your gutters, Muth & Co. Roofing would be happy to do it for you; just give us a call. 

If you notice issues with shingles, loose gutters or flashing on your roof, contact Muth & Co. Roofing immediately at (614) 882-0900. Prompt, professional repairs are important to prevent more extensive damage from storms.

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