Is That Roofing Company Legit?

Scams are widely known practices of thieves.

Yet a lot of people still fall for them.

Some scams are just so elaborate and enticing that people who are desperate enough will easily believe. It’s important to do background checks on any company you’re looking to hire, especially for any home improvements you are planning. Simply checking their website (if they have any) won’t be enough; you need to be hands-on to be sure. Here are some methods on how to do a thorough background check on a company:

1) Search for an address or a landline number. One way of knowing a company is a sham if they don’t have an office or any means to contact them. A website domain and email are easy to create. Having a way to talk or meet with them directly can assure you that you’re dealing with a real company.

2) Search for the company name on Google. Look for information, reviews and feedback from their past clients if there’re any.

3) Check the Better Business Bureau. Probably the best way of knowing is to check for trusted affiliations.Protect your investments from fraudulence especially if it’s big like roofing repairs or new roof installation. You want a company that is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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