Congratulations to the Winner of the Free Roof Giveaway from Muth Roofing & 98.9 the Answer/WRFD 880!

Worthington home new roof

Last month, Muth & Company ran a special promotion on our partner station, 98.9 the Answer. We invited listeners to help us give away a new Muth roof – but not to just anyone. It had to be someone who was in real need.

The selection process wasn’t an easy one. Those who wanted to submit a nomination had to complete an official entry form at or We received 15 entries over the course of the two-week promotion, and the station narrowed all the entries down to four finalists. From there, a Muth crew did site visits and inspections to make sure the finalists’ roofs were within our scope of work and size. On the morning of September 11, Chad Muth made a phone call to share the exciting news with the winners: Jim and Tina Schlabach of Columbus!

Jim and Tina were nominated by their son, Aaron, who shared the following story.

My parents work very hard but always end up “behind the eight ball.” My great-grandfather just died and they had to pay for it. My grandfather just moved into my old room because his house burned down. Taking care and helping him is difficult as he is deaf and on his fourth round of chemo in 5 years. The roof has leaked for years but my parents could never afford to replace it. The ceiling in the bathroom is falling and there is mold in the walls. My parents are generous people who always help others as best that they can, even if it hurts them. My parents would never ask for help, that is why they deserve this. Thank you so much.

Hear Chad share the good news with Tina live!

For more than 20 years, Muth & Company Roofing has been dedicated to giving back to the community that has made us a top Columbus roofing contractor for homes and businesses. Our latest free roof giveaway is just another way we say, “Thank you, Columbus!”

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