Extended Warranty for a Roof: Rip-Off or Real Smart?

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

You will find an extended warranty being offered on everything from cars to toaster ovens.

And they often get a bad rap.

An Extended Warranty For A Roof

Companies and their salespeople want to sell extended warranties because it means more money in their pockets, right? It’s true that companies that sell an extended warranty have to collect more money than they pay out to make the option viable.

However, there are some situations where a solid warranty can be your savior in a bad situation.

And roofing is one of those.

It Can Be A No-Brainer

You accidentally drop your smartphone in the toilet, and it creates a pretty big disruption in your life. Imagine what your life would be like if your roofing system failed. Leaks after every rain, ruined insulation, damaged walls and ceilings, electrical issues, ruined possessions.

The list goes on.

Now think about the cost when you unexpectedly have to replace that roof. It would be in the thousands. Much different than paying a few hundred dollars to replace a phone. The crucial role a roof plays and its large replacement cost means an extended warranty on your roof is a no-brainer.

golden pledgeMuth & Company Roofing is all about helping our customers sleep well at night.

We are certified GAF Master Elite™ roofers in Columbus, Ohio, which means we can offer the most comprehensive warranty coverage available in the industry. The GAF Golden Pledge® warranty, featuring 50 years of coverage against roofing material defects on the entire roofing system.

GAF also covers the workmanship of a Golden Pledge roof installation 100% for up to 25 years, even if the installing contractor goes out of business!

And the Golden Pledge warranty is the only warranty to include a complete 40-point inspection by a GAF factory-trained inspector. These inspections take place after the roof installation, and are random on up to six homes PER QUARTER!

In the case of roofing, don’t skimp on a warranty. It could be the best decision you ever make. For more information on the Golden Pledge warranty, call Muth & Company Roofing.

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