Halloween Safety Tips for 2020 Trick or Treat Night in Columbus

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Halloween Safety Tips and COVID-19

Have Fun While Staying Safe. Halloween Safety Tips and COVID-19.

Halloween falls on Saturday, October 31, 2020, and most communities avoid holding trick or treat on Friday and Saturday evenings. Therefore, many communities are electing to have trick or treat, or beggar’s night, on Thursday, October 29.

Because of COVID-19, recommended safety precautions include

  • Stay home if anyone is the household is feeling sick. Candy isn’t that important. A Halloween candy hunt around the house will entertain any child who has to miss out on trick or treat in 2020.
  • Sanitize hands frequently
  • Everyone wear masks (either as part of a costume, or just as a nose/mouth covering)
  • Don’t allow children to reach into a candy bowl. Candy should be handed out by an adult or put in individual grab bags.
  • Parents should go with children in order to ensure they are following precautions and are waiting their turn at stops
  • Stay in family groups, or within groups with whom you have regular exposure.

Also, you might want to consider

Virtual costume parties & parades

Use video chats for an online party with friends and family and show off costumes and play games. Have fun with it! In cold climates, this may be the first time your child can wear a costume that isn’t buried under a parka! Outdoor costume parades are another option, if it is possible for everyone to stay at least 6 feet apart and wear cloth face coverings.

Spooky movie night

Celebrate with a movie night and dress as your favorite characters. Do this as a family at home or consider letting your child watch with their friends while video chatting, with everyone starting the movie at the same time.

Decorating pumpkins

This is one Halloween tradition that’s as safe and fun as ever. As always, just be careful to avoid pumpkin carving injuries. Children can draw a face with markers. Then parents can do the cutting. When the carving is done, consider putting a battery-operated light rather than an open-flame candle inside.

Outdoor community events

Look for community events focused on safe ways to have fun. These may include programs offered by a park district, arboretum, zoo or other outdoor venues in your area. Stay away from crowds and clustering, and follow safe distance rules even when outdoors.

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