Hire a Local GAF Factory-Certified Contractor

Worthington home new roof

Hire a local GAF factory-certified contractor so your new roof will be done right.

Know how to find and hire a local GAF factory-certified contractor that’s right for you. Above all, installing a new roof will be a huge project with long-term implications. Here are some key questions to ask a local roofer. 

  • Do they have proper licenses?
  • Can they show adequate insurance?
  • What is their local reputation?
  • Do they go through factory certification?

What makes GAF Factory-Certified contractors, like Muth and Company Roofing, the best local roofing company?

Hire a Local GAF Factory-Certified Contractor

GAF Master Elite®Contractors are second to none when it comes to roofing companies. After all, being a local GAF Factory-Certified contractor, Muth and Company Roofing is:

  • Properly licensed by their state to perform roofing
  • Adequately insured
  • Known for quality

The Muth and Company Roofing team consistently delivers excellent service. We install top-quality roofing systems. Every member of our staff goes through proper roof installation training. They receive certification in the latest “best practices” in roof repair and new roof installation.

We invest heavily in training. All of our employees are familiar with our roofing products. This includes the best ways to install them.

Every Muth and Company Roofing installer completes the exhaustive GAF Master Elite® certification training program. In addition, all new employees pass the GAF Pro Field Guide test within six months of joining our company.

We’re the Columbus Ohio roofer who will earn your business. Call today at (614) 882-0900 for a FREE estimate. Or fill out our contact form.

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