How Important Is Attic Insulation?

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Most homeowners don’t know how important attic insulation is for their home.

Attic insulation makes your home as energy efficient as possible.

Chances are your home doesn’t have enough. Bringing your home up to modern standards will slow heat transfer. At Muth and Company Roofing, we know the value of making sure you have adequate attic insulation.

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To find out, call the best local roofing contractor, Muth & Company Roofing. Then, schedule a complete attic energy efficiency inspection.

Heating and cooling costs account for up to 50-70 percent of the energy used in an average home. In other words, losing your home’s hot air makes for a huge energy waste. Any area where you can prevent wasting energy is always an important area to focus on.

Why insulate your attic?

Adding insulation to your attic helps reduce your energy costs. In addition, this lowers the amount of energy you need to keep your home comfortable.

Insulation works by limiting air movement within the home. The trapped air in the insulation works to help prevent the heat from escaping from one place to the next.

Therefore, installing attic insulation this winter is a worthwhile long-term investment. Similarly, this will increase the effectiveness of your home’s envelope to retain heated air.

How does insulation work?

Air naturally flows from a warm area to a cold one. Insulation is a layer of material in your attic that moderates the temperature inside your home. In addition, it makes it easier to keep your house warm in winter.

Why Call Muth & Company Roofing?

We’ll provide you with a detailed written account of any problems and offer solutions. Schedule an attic energy inspection with Muth & Company Roofing.

Call for a complete attic energy efficiency inspection by a local roofing contractor, like Muth & Company Roofing. Contact us today at (614) 882-0900 to schedule an inspection.

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