Why Clean Gutters Are So Important

Clean gutters are so important for your home’s protection.

They direct water away from your home quickly and efficiently, along with helping to prevent water damage. Well-maintained clean gutters will perform smoothly and prevent problems from starting. You can expect to deal with a variety of complications if gutters aren’t maintained properly

The Dangers of Damaged Gutters

If leaves and debris clog a gutter, it can lead to leaks inside your home, damage to your siding, basement flooding, ruined landscaping. Clogged gutters do help concentrate ice and water at a very vulnerable roof-eaves area. As gutters fill with ice, they often bend and rip away from the house bringing fascia, fasteners and downspouts in tow. 

Clean gutters help protect your home from foundation problems
Fall is an important time for clean gutters

If your gutter system sags and overflows or doesn’t move water far enough away, water can pool around the foundation of your home. The soaked soil puts a lot of pressure on foundation walls, which can lead to cracks. Once this happens, you might have to deal with mold growth.

How We Can Help

Muth & Company Roofing can expertly replace your gutters in Columbus, Ohio, with a seamless gutter system custom-crafted for your home. Our skilled team can remove clogs in gutter troughs and downspouts, ensuring water can flow freely. We also install the Alu-Rex gutter protection system. This system reduces your gutter’s need for maintenance by acting as a shield against leaves and debris. It is suitable for all gutter styles. Install this system and you will have a more worry-free experience with your gutters.

Muth & Company Roofing can protect your home from costly water damage by installing clean gutters. Our services include gutter inspection and adjustment, gutter replacement and gutter repair in Columbus, Ohio. We have been a trusted and respected home improvement company for over 25 years. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about our products and services, or to schedule a free gutter inspection and estimate.

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