How to Fix a Sagging Gutter

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Storms, especially the ones that are accompanied by strong winds, are some of the most damaging natural calamities a homeowner can experience. They can knock down everything in their path and inflict further damage all around. This can happen to any vulnerable part of your house, like your gutters. They could easily sag and this can damage your siding or foundation when other objects come in contact in a forceful manner. Fortunately, fixing this problem can be fairly easy; here are some simple steps to follow:

How to Fix a Sagging Gutter:

  1. Get up on a ladder near the sag; wear safety gear and take the steps slowly to avoid accidents.
  2. Using a pry bar, straighten bent spikes by pushing the gutter up.
  3. Remove the nails with locking pliers and a hammer; when trees or branches fall on your gutters during storms with strong winds, the spikes will surely need replacing. Take a look at what happened in’s weather report:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Roger Kline says strong winds blew through his Ross County property Sunday night near Yellow Bud.

Kline woke up to find tree limbs snapped and broken and his truck destroyed.

Trees were also down on his home, near the window where he was sleeping.

All along Route 104, utility poles were knocked over by the wind which caused power outages. Over a dozen of the poles had to be replaced.

  1. Replace damaged spikes with new threaded gutter spikes. Place epoxy or wood slivers into the nail hole before replacing the spike.

Although these things might sound simple to experienced individuals, it is still a risk to try fixing your gutters in Columbus OH by yourself because you will need to climb a ladder which can be dangerous and use equipment that is equally as hazardous. You can avoid putting your home and yourself at risk by calling a professional like Muth & Company Roofing.

We install seamless gutters in Columbus Ohio that are manufactured from a long, continuous piece of metal, and the seams are at the corners. This greatly reduces the possibility of leaks and sagging. To create seamless gutters, we use our forming machine to create each segment on-site. We also use hidden hangers which blend into the gutter for a clean look, and space them closely together to increase stability so you won’t ever have to worry about sagging during bad weather.

(Article Excerpt from Storm Damages Homes, Buildings Along Stretch In Ross County,, May 12, 2014)

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