Quick Fixes: What Homeowners Can Do to Stop a Leaking Roof

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You will never know when something is wrong with your house until nature steps in. Indeed, it is a big inconvenience when it’s raining or snowing and you just find out that some parts of your house are broken. A simple leak on your roof can lead to a lot more issues like mold infestation, water stains, damage to your insulation and electrical wiring, etc. A quick fix for your roof is essential especially when storms and continuous rainfall hit.

Quick Fixes for Leaking Roofs:

  1. Roofing Cement. You can purchase this at any home improvement depot. Patch your roof with this material using a spatula; spread it over the wood on the inside of your roof. Be sure to work it back and forth over the area where you think is leaking. After patching the damaged area inside your attic, use a thin piece of galvanized sheet metal and wedge it between the shingles over the damaged part.
  1. Roofing Tape. This can be applied to the roof decking inside your attic, directly to the damaged area outside the roof or any loose shingles.
  1. Plastic tarp. Cut the tarp adequately to cover the damaged area and secure it so it doesn’t blow off the roof. This is the easiest and quickest way to fix leaking roofs because it’s like rain-coating. It is ideal especially when rain is continuous, like in this weather report from 10tv.com:

More showers and thunderstorms are developing with the heating of the day. We expect today’s storms to be more isolated and not as strong as what moved through the region this morning.

Tomorrow will be warm and humid with highs in the middle 80s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible late, but more likely with a cold front Wednesday. Storms along the front will produce heavy rain and may also be severe.

While these things are helpful, they are, however, not permanent. You should still consider consulting with a contractor and asking about roof repair in Columbus because the real damage may not be seen by untrained eyes and attempting to fix it yourself can be quite dangerous. In the event of storm damage, call Muth & Company Roofing’s professional crew. We quickly secure defective areas to prevent further harm, and plan for permanent fixes that will protect your family and property.

We can also document the damage and assist you in filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. We understand your local weather patterns so we stay on top of the latest industry developments and use proven products from the best manufacturers. We offer roof repair in Columbus Ohio along with chimneys and gutters, so call us if you want permanent fixes.

(Article Excerpt from Storms Continue This Evening, More Rain Possible Tuesday And Wednesday, 10tv.com, May 12, 2014)

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