How You Can Benefit From An Attic Energy Inspection

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How You Can Benefit from an Attic Energy Inspection

You can benefit from an attic energy inspection if your air conditioner seems to be running non-stop this summer.

It can feel like you’re throwing money out the window. One of the benefits of an attic energy inspection is lowering your utility bills.  It may be like finding cash in your attic. The EPA estimates that the average U.S. household spends around $2,200 on energy annually. Approximately half of that amount goes to heating and cooling.

If your attic is not properly insulated and ventilated, the amount you spend on heating and cooling may be much higher.

On a hot 90-degree summer day in Ohio, the temperature of an improperly ventilated attic can peak at 150-160 degrees. That heat continually radiates down into your home. This makes your air conditioner work harder in the summer. Hot moist air will also prematurely age roofing materials. This allows condensation to form in the attic that leads to mold and mildew growth.

Call the professionals at Muth & Company Roofing for an attic energy efficiency inspection. We will provide you the following:

  1. Calculate the R-value of your existing attic insulation.
  2. Examine exhaust and intake ventilation system.
  3. Inspect exhaust and intake vents for obstructions.
  4. Check all other fans and vents to make sure they are working properly.
  5. Ensure gable vents are properly screened or closed off.
  6. Inspect ceiling can lights for proper protection in the attic.

After the inspection, our team will present you with a complete report. This report includes recommendations for improvements that will help your home be more energy efficient.  Your home will be cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. And in the end, extend the life of roofing materials.

The benefits of an attic energy efficiency inspection can identify ways to you save money on your energy bills.

Muth and Company Roofing is the Columbus, OH roofing contractors that homeowners have trusted since 1992. Start saving on monthly energy costs. Call the Columbus, OH roofing professionals Muth and Company today at (614) 882-0900 to schedule your complete attic efficiency inspection.

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