Why Attic Vents Are Needed For Your Roof

attic vents

It’s a fact. Attic vents preserve the life of a roof while improving the energy efficiency of a home.

The condition of any roof is can be more than the quality of roofing materials. Attic vents are just as critical.

Homeowners are often interested in projects to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes. Especially those that may increase the curb appeal of their properties. But some projects, including improving attic ventilation with attic vents, can benefit a home even when they aren’t especially eye-catching.

It may seem unhelpful to let air into the attic when you are sealing drafts elsewhere in the home. But there is a practical reason for venting an attic throughout the year.

A ventilation system basically comprises a network of attic vents or ventilation strips built into the edge of the roof to maintain continuous airflow in the attic. The airflow helps keep the attic nice and dry, preventing rot and mold from forming.

Some homeowners prefer installing attic fans. They activate upon reaching preset temperatures, to keep the area cool and dry. However, it is advisable to consult the preferred contractor about the device because setting up will require running wires into the insulation.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Before investing in a new home, perform a thorough roof inspection by a certified professional. Sit down with the roofing inspector prior to closing to go over any problems, Make sure to address them before the sale goes through.

To schedule an inspection, give Muth & Co. Roofing a call at (614) 882-0900. Our team of experienced roofers can advise you of your options and take care of any roof, gutter or ventilation repairs that may be necessary.

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