Mending Roofs with Help from Roofing Contractors in Columbus, Ohio

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In an article on The Columbus Dispatch dated October 13, 2013, correspondent Tino Ramos reports on the latest string of thefts terrorizing the city. Curiously, thieves are stealing precious metals off from equipment and housing parts to be sold on the market. The article expounds on the criminal activity:

Theft reports, here and elsewhere, have been rising for more than five years, fueled by increases in the price of certain metals, including aluminum, brass and bronze. Copper is by far the favorite target, accounting for 96 percent of all insurance claims tied to the theft of metal.

Crooks looking to make a quick buck have stolen decorations from cemeteries; pulled plumbing and wiring out of vacant homes; made off with metal roofing, gutters and downspouts; and ripped apart air conditioners to get their hands on the units’ copper coils — worth $100 or more apiece.

Such thefts have led to the imposition of tighter restrictions on scrap-metal dealers, the creation of various registries and tip lines and a greater emphasis on law enforcement.

No amount of policing, however, is going to stamp out the problem without the involvement of the public, the National Insurance Crime Bureau maintains.

As the above passage shows, even metal roofing isn’t safe from theft anymore. Exposed metal would be sawed off by crooks, leaving the spot exposed to the elements. Business owners should be wary and vigilant of these activities, and have their roof inspected during their routine maintenance schedule. When something is amiss, it is important to call upon roofing contractors from Columbus, Ohio, such as Muth & Company Roofing, to repair the damage, or have parts replaced immediately.

Metal roofing can be one of the trickiest structures to repair, mostly because you can’t just slap a new metal sheet over a hole to cover it. The differences in the expansion and contraction between the old roof and the new part can cause cracks, leading to the new repair falling apart. It would be best to leave the mending job to experts.

A skilled Columbus roofer from Muth’s team can help businesses patch their damaged roofing back in shape, whether the surface sustained damage from weather assaults, or from tampering by scoundrels. Trusted roofing contractors are certified to do a professional job so that you get your money’s worth and allow you to save enough for security systems. Established roofing contractors also offer exceptional warranties for their materials as well for their replacement work.

(from Ohio’s Big Metal Theft Problem Needs Attention; The Columbus Dispatch; October13,2013)

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