Muth Roofing’s Mr. Moose Has Been Found!

Worthington home new roof

Muth Roofing Mr. Moose Activities Collage


Thanks to everyone who helped us find the

Muth & Company Roofing’s Mr. Moose


And now, a word from Mr. Moose!


The Muth Moose Roofer

“Yo! Mr. Moose, the Muth Moose, here! I just have to give a shot out to all the kiddos and adults who took the time to complete my activity sheets. I looked totally rad with their fun colors!


Dairy Queen Westerville OhioAs a thank you for participating we have teamed up with a local DQ owner, Barry Corven, to give you all a $10 gift card for a delicious ice cream treat. These DQ’s are located at 1519 Schrock Rd. in Columbus Ohio and 811 Park Rd, in Worthington Ohio.


I also want to thank everyone who took the time to play hide and seek with me. We have teamed up with Gahanna Lanes And Family Entertainment Center at 215 W. Johnstown Road in Gahanna, OH to give you all a free bowling game.

Here at Muth we love to support our local businesses and we encourage you to as well. We have reached out to everyone who participated and we hope to hear back from everyone soon. If you don’t see a message from Mr. Moose or CJ Muth please send us a message directly on Facebook!

We had so much fun with this, here’s what we are doing next!  The Recipe For A Great Summer, with the Young Chef’s Academy in Gahanna, OH.  The contest will go live on 6/29 at 6 pm EST. Follow us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss out! Have a moosetastic day!”

Muth & Company Roofing Give Where You LIveAdditionally, Muth & Company Roofing continually commits to giving back to the communities that help us succeed by supporting local organizations. We like to call this “Give Where You Live.”

The COVID-19 pandemic hit all sectors of our economy, not the least local charities. During the month of May 2020, Muth Roofing aired a “Give Where You Live” radio campaign. We asked customers and friends to let us know of local charities that are doing awesome work and that are needing a little help.

The response was overwhelming! We are able to help these local charities from your suggestions!  Follow our Facebook page for more information.

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