Proactive Roof Maintenance with a Roof Maintenance Plan

roof maintenance and extended service plans

As a homeowner, you have the choice of a proactive or reactive roof maintenance plan. With either method, the end result is the same.

But in the long run, a proactive approach will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

The Difference Between Proactive & Reactive Roof Maintenance

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to be proactive is to “control a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.”

When it comes to your roof, this involves taking an active role in the maintenance of your home by performing regular inspections and keeping up with minor repairs. This will enable you to spot minor problems before they become big issues with a much larger price tag attached.

On the other hand, reactive maintenance happens after the fact.

This means that maintenance work and repairs aren’t addressed until there is very obvious evidence that a problem is present, such as missing shingles or water leaking into the home. Unfortunately, with reactive maintenance, warning signs of potential problems are often missed.

The result is that damage and repairs often end up being more extensive and costly than they otherwise would have been.

Why Proactive Maintenance Is the Way to Go

By practicing proactive maintenance, you’ll have peace of mind of knowing that your roof is doing its job to protect your home and family.

When you give attention to your roof, you reduce the chances of expensive last-minute storm repairs. This leads to less worrying about the roof leaking or other problems arising every time a storm hits.

Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan

The easiest way of avoiding problems and maintaining your roof is with Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan. This is our annual care and roof maintenance plan, formerly called the Extended Service Plan.

For a small annual service fee, we will come to your home every year to “tune-up” your roof. While there, we will complete the following work as it applies to your home:

  • Clean all gutters.
  • Re-nail all gutter spikes.
  • Inspect all chimney flashings.
  • Check all wall flashings.
  • Inspect all skylight flashings.
  • Check all valley flashings.
  • Re-seal all flashings.
  • Paint all flashings (valleys an additional cost).
  • Check for damage caused by animals, insects, or acts of nature.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection report for your records, detailing the existing condition of your roof and its estimated remaining life. We will also include an estimate for repairs or replacement, if necessary.

Schedule Your Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan Today! 

At Muth & Company Roofing, we offer something that enables homeowners to keep their roof and gutters in tip-top shape. Mr. Moose’s Roof Maintenance Plan, formerly known as the Extended Service Plan. Give us a call today at (614) 682-3060 to find out more about this program.

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