The 5 Most Common Ohio Weeds and How To Stop Them

common Ohio weeds

At Muth & Company Roofing, we like to share tips and tricks for all areas of homeownership. Here are some of the most common Ohio weeds found in Ohio, and what action you should take to prevent them from overtaking your lawn.

common ohio weeds ground ivyGround Ivy

This creeping weed is a perennial that has round, glossy leaves that are scalloped around the edges and bunches of purplish-blue blossoms that hover above deeply veined foliage. Apply appropriate weed killer to get rid of it.


common ohio weeds white cloverWhite Clover

Easily recognized by its small white flowers and three-lobed, egg-shaped leaves, white clover is a perennial that can quickly take over your lawn with runners that spread out and smother your grass. To get it under control, lift the white clover up with a rake and then mow over it.




The yellow blooms of the dandelion might look cheerful and innocent. But this perennial weed quickly transforms into a fluffy white ball of seeds on a hollow stalk. This, in turn, causes an explosion of dandelions across your lawn. It’s important to dig dandelions out before it goes to seed.



common ohio weeds ThistleThistle

Thistle has long, spiky leaves covered with hundreds of tiny spines that are virtually invisible once they make it into your skin. As it grows, it gets taller and forms light purple flowers. You’ll see them during the hot summer months. Like dandelions, it’s important to dig thistles out before it goes to seed. But make sure you wear gloves!



Another weed that spreads quickly via runners is crabgrass. It runs low along the ground from one central root system with wide, flat blades. They attach themselves loosely to the ground at various points along the stem. Weed killers formulated specifically for crabgrass will help get rid of it. The application of a crabgrass preventer and mower height setting will help prevent it from coming back.


Remember, weed kill is ok to use on all these common Ohio weeds. But for stand-alone weeds, pulling them is effective and better for the environment.

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