How to Properly Display the American Flag

How to Properly Display the American Flag

The American flag is a symbol of hope and liberty. With Independence Day fast approaching, as a homeowner, it’s important to show respect for the flag by following flag etiquette and making sure to display it correctly. Here are a few of the most important tips to remember when displaying your flag this 4th of July.

Don’t let it touch the ground

Allowing the American flag to touch the ground is a sign of disrespect, as is flying it upside-down except as a signal of “extreme distress.” When raising the flag, do so quickly and lower it ceremoniously when taking it down.

Fly the American flag during daylight hours

The flag is to be flown from sunrise to sunset, and only during times of fair weather. Flags can be displayed overnight as long as they are properly illuminated.

How To Display the American Flag from Muth RoofingHow to position the flag

Many homeowners don’t have a flag pole, so it’s important to know how to correctly position the flag in other ways. If displaying it in a window or on a wall, the stars (or union) should appear on the top left when one faces the flag. If flying a flag from a car, clip the staff to the right window or attach it to the antenna.

Ensure appropriate flag size

Flags come in various sizes, but most residential flags tend to be either 3×5 feet or 4×6 feet. If you’re not sure of the correct size for your flag, take a look at the flagpole. The length of the flag should be a quarter of the length of the pole.

When to lower the American flag to half-mast

Flags should only be lowered to half-mast by decree of a president or governor or after the death of a U.S. president, vice-president, former president, or former vice-president. When preparing to fly a flag at half-staff, first raise it to the peak. Then lower it to the half-mast position. When lowering it in the evening, do the same thing in reverse. Hoist it to the peak before bringing it back down.

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