The Importance of an Attic Efficiency Inspection

The Importance of Attic Energy Efficiency Inspection

Have your heating bills seemed abnormally high this winter? Are you at a loss as to the cause? If you live in a home that is 10 years old or older, there’s a good possibility that the culprit might be an inadequate amount of insulation in your attic. An attic energy efficiency inspection from Muth & Company’s expert roofing contractors will tell you if your home falls into this category.

A Comprehensive Inspection for One Low Price

With an attic energy inspection from the team at Muth & Company, you get much more than just an insulation recommendation. For a low $89 fee, not only will our team help determine the R-value of your existing attic insulation by measuring its depth, but we will also perform a thorough inspection and provide you with a comprehensive report. In addition, if we recommend new insulation products or repairs, the $89 will count towards any attic-related work, as long as it’s within 30 days of the inspection.

What an Attic Efficiency Inspection Includes

Along with calculating the R-value of your insulation, your attic efficiency inspection will include:

  • Inspection of intake and exhaust vents for any obstructions.
  • Examination of gable vents to ensure they are correctly screened or closed off.
  • Assessment of bathroom fans, stacks, and pipes to make sure there is proper ventilation.
  • Inspection of the ceiling can lights to ensure they are protected in the attic.
  • Delivery of a detailed, printed report that includes any recommendations.

How Proper Insulation Helps You

Adequate attic insulation provides two important benefits. It will help keep your home warm and comfortable through cold winters. And will keep your home cooler throughout the summer. It will also help lower your energy bills by preventing heated or cooled air from escaping through the attic and roof.

When we talk about keeping your home cozy and in good shape, it’s not just about having insulation in the attic. We’re diving into a whole roofing system. Insulation, ventilation, gutters, underlayments, and the shingles. The key to a roof that stands the test of time is having all these elements working together seamlessly. Think proper ventilation, top-notch insulation, and careful installation using quality materials.

Ready to find out if we can help you start saving money? Give Muth & Company a call today at (614) 682-3060. We are the roofers you can trust with your home.

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